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The Answer to All Your Scentsy Questions

As consultants we get some left field questions, let me tell you. There are also lots of competing companies that put a lot of information out there that isn't necessarily the best or the most honest answer. I polled my fellow Scentsy Consultants and also customers to get those pining questions so we could sit down and have a heart to heart about what the heck is going on.

My answers are based on my first hand experience with my product, Information from the Corporate website, information from the internet, and my brain which I fed with knowledge from a legit university hear in Maryland, trust me it's mostly credible.

Is Scentsy Wax Safe?

In my opinion you can't get much safer than Scentsy wax. Scentsy wax is warmed, not burned, has no open flame, is wamred with a low wattage light bulb, and is non-toxic (I will at some point eat some on video for you I promise)

There is a video or two flying around where someone said their warmer exploded or caught fire. I encourage you to use your noggin here. There are millions of Scentsy customers, who are happy and who have warmers in their homes, they use them regularly and have no issues. One person may or may not have had a warmer issue, I have no idea how this person used their warmer, what kind of bulb they used, how their house is wired electrical-wise, or what the whole story is, but if one person in the millions of people who use the product has an issue like this it shouldn't really be alarming.

Consider how many house fires are started with candles and then compare those statistics. The sensible person understands that one incident doesn't represent the entire group.

I stand behind it's safety and I trust it in my home and my families homes.

Is Scentsy Wax Safe for Pets?

I recently did a pet expo and talked to hundreds of people about how safe Scentsy is for dogs and cats. Not only is it great to help your home smell awesome and remove pet odors, but if you dog eats a bar, guess what? It's going to be fine, I have no idea what the poop with look or smell like but it's non-toxic. Our wax is also never hot enough to burn, so a curious cat won't wind up with a burnt paw, as opposed to a flame from a candle.

There is debate about whether Scentsy wax is safe around birds. Because im not a bird-ologist or a scientist I will continue to tell my customers if they own birds and they are concerned about using it around them then I just recommend they use our non-warmed products like scent paks and car bars, better safe than sorry.

How many Cubes of Wax go in my Scentsy Warmer?

Night light warmers take one cube of wax! Regular warmers take two, but you can still use one if you want to try to stretch your wax bar out which I do sometimes! The important thing to remember is to remove old wax before adding new wax so you don't dilute your scents!

How do I remove wax from my Scentsy Warmers?

I use cotton balls! I throw in two or three and watch it soak up the wax, it's kind of entertaining, then I use one more to clean out the rest and discard in the trash. Some people pour out their wax, and that is also ok, but I don't trust myself that much, I would have wax all over the place.

How Do I clean Wax of the floor, walls, or my clothes?

If you get wax on anything always try picking at it with a finger nail or some sort of scraper first, mine always comes off my walls or hardwood perfectly that way. Excess wax or wax on carpet can be removed by putting a brown paper bag on top of it and heating it with an iron on low heat or a hair dryer to warm the wax and soak it into the paper.  Light wax on clothes can usually just be washed out on a hot water washer setting.

Are the table top bases for Scentsy Night Light warmers battery operated?

No you still have to plug them in, but we now carry cord hiding bases if you want to conceal those extra cords!

Can I put my Scentsy Buddy in the Dryer?

The answer is yes, they are dryer safe but I try to spot clean mine if possible.

Is the Scentsy Laundry Line safe for HE washers and dryers and Front loading washers?

My Mom uses it in her super expensive HE washer and dryer, if it wasn't safe trust me she wouldn't use it, she's a freak about her appliances.

How long does the Scentsy Wax, Circle, Car Bar, Scent Pak Last?

This is hardcore debatable. I am going to switch up the numbers here to directly reflect MY PERSONAL experience. First of all different scents are stronger than others so some stronger ones will naturally last longer. here are my Findings:

Scentsy Wax warmed 24-7: Scent time of 60 Hours (My Lime Sugar Cane is still going strong after a week, it's my new favorite)

Scentsy Wax warmed occasionally throughout the week: Scent time of 80 Hours

Scentsy Scent Circle: Like two days (I don't care for these guys and don't sell them to my customers)

Scentsy Car Bar: Two weeks to a month depending on the scent you pick

Scentsy Scent Pak: Like a long ass time. These are my favorite because they last months, the smaller the space you put them in the longer they last, a gym bag scent pak will smell longer then one you put in a room.

Can I use any bulb in my Scentsy Warmer?

I don't recommend it, I have had people wind up overheating and underheating wax this way. Our light bulbs are cheap and I honestly give them away and always have them on hand for customers.

Does Scentsy Counter Clean disinfect?

No it does not.
It is however safe for pets and kids and smells amazing.

Is Scentsy Counter Clean Safe for wood, granite, marble?

Yes it is! Safe on all sealed surfaces baby! You can also use it in your car, bathroom, or anywhere you want.

Is Scentsy hand soap Antibacterial?

No it is not. But honestly take it from me, antibacterial hand soap is awful, it's bad for your septic and for your immune system. Wash your hands for two minutes with warm water and regular soap, thank me later.

Are Scentsy Body Products Hypoallergenic?

The body products are made with the same essential oils as everything else and in my opinion are fine on sensitive skin. But you should always test something first on a small patch of your skin before slathering it on your entire body, and I take returns so.... Why not try it and you might wind up smelling amazing.

Does Scentsy Hide its Ingredients?

Scentsy discloses the major scents in each description to let you know what it smells like, but it won't tell you its formula. If it did every competitor would have exact matching scents but would use cheaper ingredients and we all know how that would turn out.

How does Scentsy compare to the Wal-mart brand $2 wax bar?

Oh my god Barbara Shut up!

Seriously Barb go buy that $2 wax and then come back and let me know.
You get what you pay for, and anyone who trusts their life with Wal-mart brand anything, well, sheesh. Scentsy uses high quality essential oils and premium ingredients in order to create a QUALITY wax bar with the best overall results. This means it lasts longer, smells better, and is safer for your use. The reason why Wal-mart can sell bars for $2 is because they use cheap ingredients and buy it in bulk from god knows where.

Are Scentsy Warmers Handmade?

They are! I even own a little DVD of our founder visiting south america and trying to spin one on a clay wheel and failing miserably lol. Another awesome reason to purchase from a decent company and not the big box guys.

How Can I buy Scentsy?

Well you can shop the Scentsy website, locate a nearby consultant using the zip code finder on the home page for a local person, or you can buy it from me because I am awesome also, here's my site.

How can I sell Scentsy

You can go log onto right now and start selling for $99 or less. I suggest you find a team to join, that way you have a support system of ladies to help you. Scentsy provides me a great extra check every month, in fact it's paying for my vacation to Mexico this year, you can have your own business just like that and I think it's an amazing way to work part time or from home. If you want to join my team you can do so here:

I have a team of 5 and we rock it!

Didn't find your answer here? Ask me in the comments and I will add your question and answer to the post!

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