Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scentsy. What Moms want for Mother's Day!

Moms, amiright?

My mom is one of those ladies who has everything she needs and never wants anything, I swear that woman is impossible to shop for. So I obviously shop Scentsy for Mother's day. She has enough warmers so I tend to get her new wax, but this month Scentsy pulled out some super awesome specials Moms will love, the body line especially!

Let me share with you these specials, whether you are in Maryland like me or out of state I can offer you these deals and maybe even extras if you reach out to me: https://jenlleras.scentsy.us

The body bars are epic, they are made with our high quality essential oils and you can tell with one whiff how great they truly are. At this price they are technically buy one get one free, so even if you get this deal for yourself to stock up you won't be disappointed.

Speaking of the body line check out these deals, you can get a bar and a roller perfume for $22, a roller, bar, and whipped body butter for $30, or the entire roller ball set for just $15! If you are making a mother's day basket these are great additions as well.

From our warmer of the month collection this spring inspired warmer is a delight and it comes with three free bars as well. This is a great deal on a budget at $35!

This new daisy warmer just came out with the new catalog and is gorgeous, it throws flowers on the wall and is rustic yet modern, it goes great in any home! This premium warmer is also a steal at $50 because it too comes with three free bars!

So if you're looking to get your Mom something she'll use and love reach out to me, your local Maryland Scentsy Consultant, im happy to make accommodations, help with shipping, and make special deals happen if you message me! Let's show the Moms some love this season.

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