Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Anatomy of a Scentsy Spam Email

Oh mah gawd.

I know for many of you, you're just Scentsy fans and not consultants. So let me explain something real quick, we live by and love new customers, we are all thirsty bitches and we want all the sales we can get. We'll drive to homes, to coffee shops with a giant bag of testers, spend hours making goody bags and adding tiny touches to orders, at least the good consultants.

And just to make people happy so they will want to re-order from us.

So when we get messages that new people want to buy things we get super excited.

It is for this reason that spammers target Scentsy consultants.

I want to believe that we are all super intelligent and none of us ever falls for any of these, but still, I feel like at least a few of us out there actually get sucked into one or two of these from time to time.

I get a spammer email about once a month, always different, always the same.

Here is the latest one broken down, and I will go into detail for you so you can see the red flags.

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1. Grammar

I hate to be a grammar Nazi, and i will tell you I do have one customer who isn't great with her English, and another who doesn't speak English as her first language, so this is a tiny bit biased but..... Terrible grammar is a dead giveaway,


These guys are in an internet cafe somewhere in one of several countries I won't name because i don't want to be accused of calling out people from those countries, but seriously there are 4 or 5 that are just notorious for this shit.

If your email sounds like a three year old wrote it, it's probably spam.

2. Payment

Everyone knows how to buy stuff online. If my Dad can order dirty movies and beer of the month club on his dial up than anyone can figure it out. The reason they are always asking how to make payments is because they don't want to use the website, they want to swindle you into some sort of alternative transaction, probably involving money orders, checks, or weird accounts. 

3. Urgency

Im always in a rush to buy Scentsy too, difference is I would never us urgency in an email to someone like this unless I politely said, something like "I would love to place this order as soon as you have time it's for my moms birthday which is in two weeks."

They are rushing you so that you rush and don't pay attention.

4. Sympathy 

This one doesn't contain it, but often times spammers will say they are blind, deaf, paralyzed, anything to make you feel bad for them and to forget that they are clearly a spammer. If you see this you should immediately send up the red flags.

These emails are annoying, and I feel bad for consultants that are struggling, because when they get these I feel as though they get more excited and more hopefully that they are real, the people who send these out need a special kind of punishment that I just can't really put into words at the moment. If you're a consultant keep an eye out, and also if you're just a normal person, these spammers email you too, don't be a dummy, you should immediatly know what is spam, and what is real.

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