Friday, March 10, 2017

Cha-Chingy Ching

I was going to post about the site crashing today. Like when we take over the inter-tubes (the internet is tubes, im not kidding look it up) and when we make the Scentsy servers go boom. But then I thought to myself that you may just think all I want to do is talk about the bad and frustrating stuff, well I don't. I can be positive sometimes, contrary to what my Scentsy Director must think.

So since yesterday was pay day I thought I might share with you how I make money with direct sales. So let's start at what kind of level on this pyramid I am, oh my god this is a pyramid scheme?!? -We'll yes it's a sales funnel but backwards so basically every direct sales company is a pyramid, but you don't have to think of that term in a negative way, it's actually a good thing and the system works, or we wouldn't be using it all the time.

So I am Star Consultant. I know right, Im a god damn star over here!

But what does that mean exactly, well to tell you the truth I don't know, the titles confuse me and I hate trying to learn over and over again what all the means and what i am shooting for and what I need to do to earn things, I just do my best and when I get snazzy awards in the mail and bonuses in my check, im just really surprised and happy.

If you really want the nitty gritty here's a chart:

So I am like right there in the middle of being awesome and being financially independent basically.

I do super well, I have an awesome client base, I am constantly gaining a few new customers a month through referrals, vendor events, and the freaking interwebs.

I made enough money in 6 months to take a trip to Mexico with husband in June all expenses paid. For that, I am 100% behind Scentsy and it's compensation plan, I think they pay you pretty well.

I have 4 people under me and they do well too, three of them are just scooting by, and that's fine with me, this is the type of business where you do it your way and I am not in the business of being a bitchy boss. I have one downline who does rock the socks out of her business and she does better than me some months. I don't make a ton of money off my girls, I suppose I could if I had like an army of salespeople under me but my goal was never to do this full time, and I certainly don't recruit like some people, they just DIE to have people join their team. I like have the girls under me, I help them in any way I can, I even place orders with them if they can't make their goals, but it's because I love this stuff and I hope they get off the ground and use it to make money like I do!

So while I have had $200 Scentsy paychecks, which is not bad mind you, I have also had $900 paychecks, those months are amazing. The bottom line is in my book, if someone is contemplating joining to make some extra money you can! You also have to consider how much time you're willing to put into it, and if you're willing to work a little, the harder you work, the better you do. this is an easy equation guys, the more you put in, the more you get out.

I put in a lot, so I get a lot back.

Im freaking excited to go to Mexico and to post pictures that hashtag Scentsy because it paid for my vacation in full lol.

So moral of the story is, yes you can make money doing this, how much depends on you, but even if you don't do a lot it still pays off because even a small pay check coupled with free Scentsy is worth it in my book.

If you have questions about how I make money feel free to comment, I am honest to a fault, i will tell you how it is, like it is, whoop whoop.

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