Friday, March 17, 2017

Facebook Groups = Sunshine and Rainbows

Let's talk about Scentsy Consultant Groups on Social Media for a minute, or five.

I don't particularly think of myself as a negative person, I love people, I get along with most everyone I meet, I do random acts of kindness whenever I can, I smile a lot. But I do love to complain, venting is awesome, it makes you feel better to talk about stuff, that is why therapy is a multi-million dollar industry.

it's not good to bottle up your feelings people.

but the internet is a weird place.

When i started my Scentsy journey I was added to a plethora of Facebook groups for consultants to help me learn, grow, and flourish. I like these groups a lot, they are places for you to ask questions, get recognition, and grow your business.

There is but one downside.

I have a mouth like a sailor. Thanks Grandma! My grandmother watched me when I was little, and she cusses, like a lot. So now I do. deal with it. oh wait im sorry, Fucking deal with it.

I also like to complain when appropriate, because god damn it sometimes shit goes wrong and you don't want to always put a thick sugary coating of "it's going to be ok" on it, because that isn't how the world works. in my opinion.

The Facebook groups are however run by directors, who probably had a different upbringing than I, and who don't really deal with negativity well. That's fine, but what I do hate is censorship, don't tell me i can't complain, don't create an environment where I am supposed to be able to talk to fellow consultants about my issues, than tell me I am only allowed to say "nice things".

Let's get one thing straight, im not going to be putting anyone down, but when the company messing something up, like they do sometimes, why can't I bitch? WHY?

So basically this happened to me. I am pretty much the reason why our consultant group had to close down their group chat, annnndddd had to add a shit ton of disclaimers telling everyone that they had to only talk in sunshine and rainbows.

The reason for this is: "We don't want to scare away the new recruits with negativity."

*Insert Eye-roll*

I tell my kids often that the world is a crappy place sometimes, there are bad people, things go wrong, you have to get used to dealing with what life throws at you. So why as grown women we are putting blinders on and ignoring everything bad that happens in our industry is just way beyond me. Shit happens, I mean it's a Tee shirt so it must be true.

The best part about this is that the corporate culture of Scentsy is to be unique, be an individual, and be yourself. Meanwhile my Team Facebook group is telling me I have to be someone I am not.

Since I have imploded our consultant group with my "Negativity" and probably profanity, I have found a group of like-minded gals to complain to when necessary, and who don't mind my language. They help me when I need help and visa versa.

I feel that it effects the Sunshine and Rainbows people though in a bad way, because I have great ideas and contribute a lot of wonderful things, but if you can't take me at my worst, you can't have me at my best, or so they say. Because I feel alienated by the those "Happy People" they don't get to experience all that I have to offer, and I think that's sad.

The great news is, I have my own team, of people who love and know me, I encourage them to be who they are. I love my Scentsy, I love my foul mouth, I love my tattoos and zest for life.

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