Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Joining a Direct Sales Company

My name is Jennifer and Im a Scents-a-holic.

There should have been meetings for this, although there was something better, a sponsor and a support group, my drugs delivered directly to my door, and a network of people just like me.

I had only known what Scentsy was for a few months, my Drug Dealer Son's Friends Mom had introduced me. She was a teacher who had taken to direct sales after needed income over the summers and to pay an outstanding debt. After much persuasion I was coerced into having a home party for my friends and family, much to my surprise many of them had already been made aware of the company and were elbow deep into amazing smelling waxes at home.

I agreed reluctantly to have a home party and much to my surprise again a ton of people showed up, this would be her first in-home party and we raked in over $1,000. I had so much credit to spend that I managed to outfit myself with warmers and wax galore! It was really rather exciting, and I loved the scents and how my home smelled so much I continued to place orders. At this point my friend now asked one simple question of me: "If you love it so much why don't you sell it?" -Man was she good or what?

Yeah You're right! Why don't I?

I come from a sales background, in fact in college I was my retail locations top sales person for so long they had to stop awarding me so that other people could earn incentives.

At this time I had to only invest $100 to join, and if I sold over $500 in the first two weeks I would get an enhancement kit of products worth over $300 for FREE. I just couldn't pass this up, so there I was diving into sales again and "Shooting for the stars."

I joined a group of over 200 women, who very lovingly accepted me into their Cult Facebook Group and helped me every step of the way.


I know you are reading now and thinking that this is a horror story or some negative reflection of the company, and it's not. I am selling currently and I actually love almost all of the products and use them in my own home, I stand by this company. Im just honest, to a fault it seems.

I am loving selling, I am loving the comradery the extra paycheck, everything is going great, I am crushing goals, taking names, and actually helping my group with tips and tricks, as I have been in marketing for some ten years plus. That's not to say this journey comes with many bumps, hills, mountains, ugh. So much drama.

Blog posts following this one will focus on those bumps and the journey of a Maryland Scentsy consultant, with no censorship. That's right, I will tell it like it is folks, so put on your big girl panties, hold on to your precious snowflakes, and let's go on a smelly journey together.

If you have questions about products, joining, or want more info on the inside horrors fun details feel free to visit my website or email me!

jenlleras.scentsy.us or jennifer(dot)lleras@gmail.com

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