Monday, March 20, 2017

Rando Sales, WTF Do They Come From?

We love  random sales in direct sales, they are basically sales we didn't work for, or did we?

There isn't quite anything as awesome as waking up to a new PWS (Personal Web Site) and seeing a brand new sale in there from a lead you didn't even have to nurture.

So there are truly random sales, I have gotten them, but they are in fact from somewhere and you do have to "earn" them. Let's discuss a few of the Rando people I have made sales to and how.

Rando PWS Sale

Ok so once you hit "Certified Consultant", this just means you have moved $1,000 in product over your lifetime as a consultant. You then show up in the Scentsy website search feature. So for example: Im Jill Blowhard and all my friends keep talking about Scentsy and I want some but I am for some reason too embarrassed to ask them who they are buying from locally or what have you. So I log onto the regular Scentsy website and use the locate a consultant feature, I type in my zip code and up pop all the consultants in my area.

That is one way we can wind up with a random sale, I do in fact HATE this a little because I am listed second under my sponsor, it has nothing to do with how close they actually are to you. I have no way of earning a higher spot, it's all a crap shoot, and the person with the highest pole position is in fact usually going to make the random sale. I asked once how the spots were determined and I was told it randomizes and changes often. I tested this and it is in fact a crock. But regardless maybe I will still grab a few of those people over the year, let's hope!

Rando Business Card Find 

I leave my cards everywhere. Like all over everywhere, at all the local businesses I frequent, and anywhere where I can pin them. I actually gained one of my best customers this way. She got my card at the local bakery, called me, and I met her at her home, did a personally sniff, and she purchased around $300 worth of product. She also buys about every 2 months. So if you are wondering, yes business cards are worth it, but by god use them!

Rando SEO or SMO Find

So people can find you online. Depending on how hard you are working your business, how saturated your market is and how well you use keywords and locations you'll be found just from someone search Scentsy in the Google bar. I am working towards stealing some spots from some Maryland Scentsy Consultants that are running websites and have a small corner on the Scentsty Market. Fear not I will steal that top Maryland Scentsy pole position from Google one of these days.

In fact I want to tell you about the time I woke up to a PWS order, from out of state, that made no sense whatsoever. I thanked this stranger by sending her a Scent Circle and a nice note asking her to let me know where she got my info, well she found me on Pinterest. Of all places, lol, It pays to do your social media correctly gals.

There are in fact other ways to get stranger sales. You can do paid search, I don't do this, yet. There are tons of ways for people to find you, what works best is always word of mouth, we are still that type of industry, so the best bang for your time and buck are talking to people, doing parties and being a great sharer of all things Scentsy related. If you have more time put the effort into your social media marketing and make yourself a great online presence.

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