Monday, March 13, 2017

Let's talk about deals baby, let's talk about you and Scentsy

Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things.....

wow, flashbackkkkk!

any-who, before I rant and rave again I wanted to actually share the monthly specials that are happening, you know, in case you actually wanted to buy something.

Specials are monthly, and sometimes pop up occasionally, but usually to counteract some sort of issue with a prior sale, like the great Flash Sale Chaos of 2016, lets not talk about it, I have PTSD now thanks to those shenanigans.

Let's start with the easy one.

Scentsy Scent and Warmer of the Month.

There's no place like gnome, there's no place like gnome... This is probably one of my favorite warmer of the month warmers thus far.  He's cute right? I know this is really not everyone's cup of tea, not even most people's but I am a weirdo and I like it.

The scent is Blue Grotto, I am a big fan of this one as well, tropic notes, lush florals, it's very sweet and fruity smelling. both the warmer of the month and the scents, whether it be in bar, spray, or circle form are all 10% off for the month of March.

Scentsy Recruiting Bonus for March

You can sign up for the price of $99 which includes you normal Scentsy sales kit, which includes everything you need to get started. But if you sell $500 in product in the first 2 weeks you earn $309 worth of Scentsy FREE in the form of the shooting star kit. This is actually the incentive that made me sign up, because I had a party big enough to where I knew I would earn that extra kit, and it was the tits, let me tell you. It really is the best incentive for signing up, especially if you can flip a party and guarantee you'll get it!

March Scentsy Buddy: Bailey The Bunny

And last but not least the newest buddy, just in time for Easter is Bailey the Bunny! As always buddies come with free scent paks, you can choose any scents to go inside!

So with that I conclude this months specials post, stay tuned because in Maryland we are about to get hit with a lot of snow, so if I am snowed in I will be doing double Scentsy duty. I am going to focus the next posts on a few fun times: Flash Sales at Christmas time, The Star Gaze Warmer, Recruiting, and How I handle my parties and vendor events.

as always if you'd like to purchase anything you can shop here!

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