Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top Ten Best Scentsy Easter basket Stuffers

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippitty hoppitty Easters on it's way!!!!

Another Easter is almost here! I don't go big on Easter at my house, We have modest baskets that probably rack up a total of $20. My kids get a lot of crap from their grandparents and aunts and uncles though, I mean I had to intervene at a certain point and ask for snacks like popcorn and pretzels instead of chocolate, it was like Halloween all over again!

So if you're looking for a great basket alternative to candy, check out this Maryland Scentsy Consultant's top ten Easter basket stuffers, that will also smell amaze-balls.

Number 10

Scent Circles are fantastic short use items that set you back only $3, you can combine and save by purchasing 5 and getting one free! These are wonderful for older kids and teens, they are good for use in the car, lockers, gym bags, closets, office space, anywhere you're looking for a week or two of fresh scent! Find them here!

Number 9

Car bars are wonderful for teens! These guys will have stinky teens trash filled cars smelling like Martha Stewart's linen closet in ten seconds flat. These are also nice for a mans gift, my husband loves his weathered leather car bars and insists it makes his car smell like brand new car smell, these guys will last you around a month. Find them here!

Number 8

Scent paks are our number 8 item because they last the longest out of our small scent items. You'll find you still catch a whiff of these guys over a month after you've opened it. Wonderful for kids stinky rooms, put them in pillows, hide them in kids closets. My daughter hangs hers on her coat rack and loves that her room smells great. These come in so many kid scents and are also included free with purchase of a buddy! Find them here! 

Number 7

Scentsy Buddy Clips are awesome, they are most commonly seen clipped onto backpacks, and why not take that amazing smell with you to school? No one wants to be friends with the stinky kid. There's one for every kid, my daughter loves the unicorn and the spider, she has issues deciding whether to be girly or not. Find them here!

Number 6

Scrubby Buddies and bath smoothies take number 6 on the list! They are awesome, even for babies these are awesome gifts that can grow with each kid. They make bath time fun, and you will love the way it makes your kid smell! Also these are wonderful for sensitive skin! Find them here!

Number 5

For the babies! Coming in at number 5 and halfway through the list are the Scentsy Sidekicks! These are for the babes this Easter and everyone will be asking where you got it! They have crinkly legs and teething rings and smell like a newborn baby. This will be the lovey your nieces and nephews will want to take with them everywhere. Find them Here!

Number 4

Number 4 is one of our more expensive kids items, an oil diffuser, but great for kids with sensory issues and trouble relaxing, an oil diffuser is a great investment and ours come with a lifetime warranty. If you have a special kid you want to make happy while also helping them sleep at night and relax during the day, a kids oil diffuser is the way to go, they come in both girl and boy designs! Find them here!

Number 3

Number 3 is a kids warmer and wax! I personally recommend for kids 5 and over, unless you can set up on a shelf out of reach. While the warmers and wax are safe and will not harm, we like to not create messes for ourselves right? All kids, boys and girls, love having a warmer in their room, you can even use changing wax scents as an incentive to clean their rooms! There are options to fit any bedroom decor! Find them here! 

Number 2

Number 2 are our wonderful nightlights, every kid wants a nightlight and these are just an added bonus because they are low wattage and safe and also happen to make your kids bedroom smell less like socks and more like fresh linen. There are styles to suit every kid, my daughter has an owl and my son has a basketball! Find them Here!

Numero Uno

And without further ado, the number one spot goes to!

Scentsy Buddies.

Buddies are amazing, they are large and smell awesome for months and months and months, seriously the smell just keeps on going! They are loved by children and adults alike and make the most perfect gifts! They each come with a free scent pak, so you can customize your scent that goes inside. We even have a bunny and a lamb for Easter, if you don't pick anything else for your Easter basket, choose a Scentsy Buddy, you won't regret it! Find them here!

Thanks for coming and check out my Scentsy site, if you're a Maryland local like myself I am happy to discuss delivery for you so you may save on shipping! 

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