Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Comply Comply Comply


Compliance is a dirty word. Not quit as bad as Fuck, but definitely up there with shit or asshole.

I was unaware of what compliance was when I joined Scentsy. Everything I know about marketing helped me to put together a Facebook group, Facebook Page, Social media channels, and lots of other snazzy marketing opportunities for my new found business venture.

So in the direct sales world we must follow compliance, those are the rules, I hate rules. Talk to me about what I looked like as a teenager, why I moved out when I was 17, and why I need a rack of tattoos to feel like myself and we can talk about why I hate rules some more.

So the dreaded OOC (Out of Compliance) messages kept flying in from my sponsor, whop god bless her soul has put up with my rule following dysfunction thus far.

So basically I learned the hard way that I have to follow the Scentsy rules, and be compliant, which if you know me is just about like asking a  fish to walk around out of water and also do your taxes.

so without further ado...

My List of Rules I broke My First Month With Scentsy

  • I used "Scentsy in My Facebook Group Name"
  • I advertised on a swap and sell site
  • I offered a deal that I couldn't
  • I did a live giveaway
  • I made my own business cards
  • I altered an image I wasn't supposed to
  • I posted pictures I wasn't supposed to
  • I used wording I wasn't supposed to
  • used a license character meme

and probably a lot more that I can not remember...

I get it. Rules are there for a reason and they are their own brand, as a brand manager and graphic designer I am so well aware of how important this is, and to be fair I didn't really read all these rules like I should have. I am now on the straight and narrow in case you were wondering!

Scentsy is a great direct sales company and I love it, it just took me a while to comply, which isn't out of my character really.

Do you have a funny OOC story, tell me in the comments! We can be in the corner on time out together!

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