Monday, March 27, 2017

How I score so many vendor Events

I wanted to talk today about vendor events. Because we all hit a point where our friends and family have had parties and our lists of 100 seem like 100 people we'd rather not bother, plus building new clientele is like, the tits, amiright?

The first vendor event I took part in was a huge pet Expo with thousands in attendance, I ran out of samples to hand out the first of three days. Although that was such a huge event I actually prefer the smaller school related events. Why? Well, because the tables are cheap and the attendees are there for a cause they love and usually come prepared to shop!

Fake-ass Punk Vendor Facebook groups with buy-ins

Oh my god. When I first started to want to pursue vendor events I tried joining some local vendor groups that are "seeking" consultants. let me tell you how sucked in I got, I was watching the posts and refreshing like I was waiting for a reply text from Channing Tatum. In order to take part in most of those you have to be the first to comment. Not to mention that usually those events have already been planned and have many tables spoken for, they are basically there to fill the voids with weird Direct sales stuff that most people don't even know about.

So that got old super fast.

Then I saw a post that needed scentsy specifically, an online vendor group that guaranteed sales each month! Sounds too good to be true right? well duh because it is. They basically make you pay to join the group, under some guise that there will be advertising or something. Then you have to buy something from the consultants in the group each month, then when you are featured everyone has to buy something from you.

Insert eye roll that literally decapitate my head.

Im in this to make money not spend it! And if I was that hard up I would buy my own stuff and make commissions off myself, who actually falls for this?

Well, lots of people I guess, but that's sad, I mean honestly you could invest that money in yourself and your business.

How to really get that spot

Being a Maryland Scentsy Consultant is both fun and rewarding, I do a lot of vendor events and I have to say they are some of my favorite things to do. There are literally tons of events happening every weekend her ein Maryland, and i could score several a month if i wanted to, I feel like im on some list where people reach out to me for these things. But why me? Why do people message me for that table spot not Jill Doe?

let us discuss.

So I recently took part in an employment seminar, because im laid off and I am all about finding out whats going on in the hiring community these days. They spoke to the fact that applying for jobs online was really only 20% successful and that networking yielded much better results, I couldn't agree more. I stood up and applauded the speaker, then sat down because i was clearly the only one clapping and I had a little too much coffee that morning.

but seriously, the vendor events I get into are ones that are run by friends, family, and people that I know. One of my customers whom I met through a friend at her home party is an LLR consultant. Their market is so saturated that they often times have to organize their own events to be able to actually even do them. This go-getter is actually in a group that arranges them once a month, and you'll never guess who they wanted as their Scentsy Rep. Yeppers.

My Pet event is from a past client when I worked at a marketing agency, when her grandfathered in Scentsy table backed out last minute, guess who she called?

And those school events that i get into at schools my kids don't even attend? Yeah, you guessed it, friends, and parents, and family that know someone and who have an in.

But in order to network you have to put yourself out there. let everyone know what you do and that this is something you're after. Ask your Facebook wall if anyone knows of vendor events, tell your mom, your co-works, without this conversation no one will have you top of mind. Just do it, tell the world you want a vendor event, and I bet it might just happen for you.

We can discus table set up and tips and tricks another time, but put yourself out there, network like a boss and you'll find those spots way before the facebook stalkers do.

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